Telemedicine Services to Help You Get the Health Care Answers You Need

Technological advances have changed the meaning of convenience in many facets of life, and health care services is certainly one of them. At Ouch Urgent Care, we’re all about providing our St. Johns and Carson City communities with speedy, convenient, and affordable health care for non-life-threatening illnesses, and our telemedicine services are one of the many ways we do that. If you’re feeling ill and you’d like to consult with one of our certified medical professionals from the comfort of your home, you can schedule a virtual visit using your video-enabled smartphone, tablet, or computer.

When Is it a Good Idea to Use Telemedicine Services?

Although some illnesses and injuries require an in-person medical consultation for diagnosis and treatment, others can be effectively evaluated remotely using telemedicine services. At Ouch Urgent Care, online doctor visits are available daily. You can schedule your virtual consultation using our convenient online service.

Here are a few of the conditions that are typically good candidates for a virtual doctor consultation:

What’s more, patients can often use our telemedicine services to receive monitoring or follow-up consultations for an ongoing health condition. In other cases, we can screen patients who may have a contagious condition and provide a referral for medical testing. If your online consultation indicates a need for lab testing or digital X-rays, you can schedule an appointment to receive those diagnostic services at our fully equipped urgent care clinic.

Additionally, patients who think they may have contracted COVID-19 can schedule an online doctor visit to discuss their symptoms and, if appropriate, receive a referral for coronavirus testing at an authorized testing site.

Do you have questions? Contact Ouch Urgent Care today to learn more about the telemedicine services we offer to patients throughout the St. Johns, Carson City, and Howell areas. We accept many insurance plans, including Medicare and Medicaid, as well as offer reasonable rates for self-pay patients.

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