Urinary Tract Infections

A Convenient Source of Urinary Tract Infection Treatment in the St. Johns, Howell and Carson City, MI, Areas

If you think you have a urinary tract infection (UTI), you’re no doubt experiencing some uncomfortable symptoms that you’d like to say goodbye to as soon as possible. That’s one good reason to seek treatment for a suspected UTI without delay. Another important reason is to reduce the risk of further complications. But what do you do if your doctor’s office is closed or can’t squeeze you in for an appointment? You could head to the emergency room, but you’re likely to be in for a long wait and a hefty bill for medical services.

Fortunately, if you’re in the St. Johns, Howell or Carson City, Michigan, areas, you can feel confident turning to Ouch Urgent Care to help you find out if you have a urinary tract infection and, if so, provide you with fast, reliable treatment. UTI treatment is one of the many nonemergency medical services we provide daily at our walk-in clinic. We’re open daily, including weekends, when many doctor’s offices are closed. Our wait times are short, and we offer a convenient online check-in service so you can save your place in line before you arrive. Our rates are lower than those at the emergency room, and we also accept most health insurance plans, which can make your UTI treatment more affordable.

What Is a Urinary Tract Infection?

A UTI is a common condition that typically occurs when bacteria invade the urethra, ureter, or bladder. These infections can spread to the kidneys as well. Women are more susceptible to UTIs, but men can get them, too. Some of the most common symptoms include:

  • A persistent urge to urinate that may yield only small amounts of urine
  • Pain and/or a burning sensation while urinating
  • Urine that has a strong odor or appears cloudy, red, or pink

Even if you’ve had a UTI before and think you recognize the symptoms, it’s important to receive UTI testing and confirm your diagnosis with a trained medical professional. There are some other medical conditions that cause symptoms similar to those of a UTI, and an accurate diagnosis is the only way to determine an effective treatment plan.

At Ouch Urgent Care, we can provide on-site UTI testing that can help speed up your diagnosis and put you on the path to recovery right away. For more information about the UTI treatment and other services we offer to patients throughout the St. Johns, Howell and Carson City areas, contact us today.

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