Sprains and Strains

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Muscle strains—also called pulled muscles—can occur when fatigue, overuse, or improper use cause your muscle or tendon to overstretch or tear. They can be either minor or severe, but either way it’s important to seek out effective treatment to encourage proper healing. If you or someone in your family need reliable care for a muscle strain, Ouch Urgent Care is here for you. We are dedicated to making quality health care more affordable and convenient for residents of St. Johns, Howell and Carson City, Michigan, area by offering extended hours at our walk-in clinics as well as telemedicine services.

Muscle Strain Signs & Treatment

Muscle strains commonly occur in the lower back and hamstrings, though they are not exclusive to these areas. They differ from muscle sprains in that a sprain refers to an injury of the connective bands of tissue between two bones, while a muscle strain exists in the band of tissue that attaches muscle to bone. The symptoms of a muscle strain may vary based on the severity of the injury, but they can include:

  • Pain and tenderness around the area
  • Redness, bruising, or swelling
  • Muscle spasms or weakness
  • Limited motion

While some mild muscle strains can be treated at home, professional treatment may be needed for severe cases or ones that persist after at-home treatment. If you suspect that you have a muscle strain that requires prompt and effective medical treatment, you can turn with confidence to the physician-led team of healthcare specialists at Ouch Urgent Care.

To learn more about the treatment options we offer for muscle strains and other non-life-threatening injuries, contact Ouch Urgent Care today. Stop by our St. Johns, Howell or Carson City MI, clinics or reach out to us and get back on the path to wellness faster.

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