Bug Bites

A Convenient Source of Bug Bite Treatment in the St. Johns, Howell and Carson City MI, Area

When warm weather rolls around, people aren’t the only ones drawn out into the sunshine. Unfortunately, insects like the heat too, and while many of them are harmless, some insects can pose a threat to your safety. Certain bites and stings can lead to serious complications if not properly treated, so it’s important to understand which ailments can be treated at home and when you should consider insect bite treatment at one of our urgent care facilities in St. Johns, Howell or Carson City, MI.

Understanding the Different Types of Bites and Stings

There are countless insects that can bite or sting. Very few of these are life-threatening, but some can be more harmful than others. The most common insect bites and stings come from:

  • Bees – Bee stings are painful but typically not life threatening, and will be followed by a painful, red, swollen bite. However, those allergic to bees may have trouble breathing, swelling of the mouth or throat, hives, nausea, and severe itching.
  • Mosquitos – Most mosquito bites are harmless, resulting only in uncomfortable itching, but these insects can carry dangerous diseases like West Nile Virus and Zika. If you experience nausea, fever, swollen lymph nodes, or a rash following a bite, seek medical attention.
  • Spiders – Spider bites are more dangerous than mosquito bites, but most species won’t actually bite humans. However, you should seek care immediately if bitten by a black widow or brown recluse, two species very common in the U.S. Otherwise, unless a spider bite is followed by fever, chills, or nausea, it is likely harmless.
  • Ticks – Ticks will bite and latch on to a host to feed on their blood. Ticks are well-known carriers of many diseases. If a rash, fever, or muscle aches follow a tick bite, you should seek medical care.
  • Ants – Ant bites can be incredibly painful depending on the species and location in the world. Fire ants are known for their painful bites that leave red, blistering marks. One bite may not be cause for concern, but clusters of several bites can lead to allergic reaction symptoms like difficulty breathing, dizziness, and hives.

When to Seek Urgent Care

Ouch Urgent Cares of St. Johns, Howell and Carson City MI, are ready to help if you’ve been stung by an insect this summer. Urgent care is ideal for any bite that you don’t feel comfortable treating at home but isn’t an allergic reaction. Our team of experienced and board-certified practitioners can assess the bite and prescribe medications to alleviate pain and irritation, reduce swelling, and avoid consequences.

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